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All I ever wanted was the World: a Coloring Book and Curation of Showerthoughts (2020)

A book of lined drawings inspired by r/showerthoughts paired with writings, excerpts, perspectives. Whimsical but also thoughtful, and aims to provoke thought about existence, political issues and the biggest challenges of our time. In other words, a coloring book that stresses you out.


Startupconnect (2021)​

Co-founded Brown's inaugural largest startup fair welcoming 3 speakers, 20+ Brown alumni startup booths, and 300+ student. Click here for more details of v2 hosted in 2022; here for more details of v1 hosted in 2021.

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NFTs, Blockchain & Art (2022)

Designed and co-led first student-led, credit-bearing university course studying NFTs. Brown University, Spring 2022. Syllabus to be made open-source soon.

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Journey of Humanity: The Origins of Wealth and Inequality (Penguin, 2021)​

Copy-edit and illustrate newest book by renowned economics professor, Oded Galor. 

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Red Envelope Stories (2020)

Weekly stories by the Asian community covering relationships, self-acceptance, career paths, food, politics, and more, read in three minutes or less. Featured in The Boston Globe, NPR, CBS, and more. (Site is no longer active)

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Freelance creative and brand work (2020-present)

Reach out for more information about projects and collaborations.

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