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I am a software strategist by current profession, but have always worn many hats across design, engineering, investing and business strategy, as you can see through my projects, art and writing.


I am currently at the Software Strategy Group under EY-Parthenon advising software investors and companies on product strategy and technology transformation. Previously, I was a venture partner at ContraryI have experience in strategy consulting at Arthur D. Little, VC at Vectr Ventures, product design at Area28 (Cloud-based game development platform funded by Alibaba), and strategy at Epicenter (Scandinavia’s largest startup incubator and co-working space).

I graduated from Brown ​with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a focus on artificial intelligence & machine learning as well as visual computing.

Outside of that, I was a D1 fencer on the Brown Fencing team. I love being creative - I published my first book (2020) and copy-edited & illustrated renowned economics professor Oded Galor's book on economic growth (2022).

I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Shanghai, and am currently based in San Francisco. I like gallery-hopping, pickup basketball, mixology, giving stick & pokes, building communities.

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